Wills/Estate Plans in Woodbury, NJ

Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and estate planning are crucial steps to take to ensure your family’s future and proper execution of your final wishes. Each of these legal documents serves a specific purpose and help plan for unforeseeable events in the future. Accidents can happen, unexpected illnesses can take hold of you, and unfortunately, people pass away. Make sure that your money, assets, and estate are all in proper hands by drafting a Last Will and Testament and having a Durable Power of Attorney to disburse your assets to the people you choose. Don’t leave this process up to the State of New Jersey. Having your affairs in order prior to passing allows you to maintain control of your assets and to ensure the appropriate people receive your estate distributions exactly according to your wishes. Upon consultation with you, Mr. Heim will discuss your estate plan and prepare a Last Will and Testament to reflect your wishes.
Thomas G. Heim, Esquire is fully licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey. Located in the heart of Woodbury, his office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Special appointments are available upon request and home visits are possible for those unable to travel to the office. Schedule time today to discuss your estate and plan for the future! Mr. Heim will address your questions and set up an estate plan that will accomplish what you want to have carried out in the event of your passing or incapacitation. If you have children that are under age and something catastrophic happens to you and your spouse, without a pre-existing estate plan, the State of New Jersey may be the party deciding your children’s fate and inheritance. Establish a plan now and be assured by the knowledge that your children and loved ones will be taken care of according to your wishes. Call Thomas G. Heim, Esq. today at 856-845-2333 to set up an appointment to plan for your future wishes and provide for the future welfare of your children!
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